November 7, 2016

Sketchbook 11.07.16

Of the 43 shots I took in the past couple of days, all but one are definite scum off the top. Which, number wise, is pretty much on par with my film shooting from a decade ago. When in regular practice, I would shoot a minimum of 2 rolls a week, about 78 exposures. Of those 78, I would average 2 images worthy of final prints. So, 1 in 43 isn't too far off the mark.
I'm quite taken with this knot bleeding through the paint on the door trim. But I cannot get a compelling shot of it. At least this one, the best of the scum off the top of the knot series, eliminated the reflective glare in the semi-glossy paint. Still not happy with it, though.
 Moving on to the door itself. Another scum off the top shot, above. And below, the one keeper of the bunch.

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