February 27, 2017

Light Fixture Update

Here's where we started about a month ago. The ugly builder's special, aka the boob light. With the glass globe removed, it looks like this.
The challenge was to create a new shade that would fit over the fixture pictured above without causing any damage and that could be completely reversed back to the builder's special upon moving out of this apartment.

Here's the finished update.
I want to do something to improve upon the extra length of post sticking out of the center, but, for now, I am happy with this solution. Just for a little extra challenge, we couldn't find a fender washer big enough to cover the round opening in the clock cage (the aperture through which the post protrudes and, with a nut, secures the shade in place). We stubbornly wandered around Home Depot looking for an alternative to the fender washer. We found it in plumbing; the floor flange pictured below. The flange stacked with the fender washer work beautifully and add to the industrial look. Oh, and as if the name "boob light" isn't bad enough, the official name for the threaded post protruding from the center of the fixture is "nipple." We needed to replace the original post with a longer one, hence my lesson in lamp anatomy. 

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