February 15, 2017


With the imperative to just do it freshly percolating in my world, and with encouragement from this synchronous post about the creative sprint by Ann Wood, I got out of my head and on with the project at hand - the completely reversible, apartment friendly, ugly light fixture makeover.
Why I have been racking my brains to engineer a way to thoroughly stiffen the fabric panels so they don't shift around or wilt while simultaneously attaching them to the spines of the clock cage / lamp shade doesn't really matter. Why I wanted to avoid sewing at all costs doesn't matter. (Which is good, because I can't answer either question.) Instead, applying Ann Wood's creative sprint suggestion to just push on with it to completion, I got out a spool of lovely linen thread and gigantic milliner's needle and started stitching.
And here's a funny thing - two funny things, actually. 1) I love how the stitching looks. I can't imagine the lamp shade without the lashings (ugh, dull beyond belief). The linen spiraling along the aged, pocked metal spines adds wonderful visual and tactile interest. 2) The one reason of which I am aware for trying to avoid sewing was that I wanted nothing to do with the tedious, repetitive, time-consuming task. Which is utter poppycock! I love tedious, repetitive, time-consuming creative tasks. Which just goes to show that staying in my head for too long is not good for me nor my head. With that said, back to stitching. Completion is imminent.

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