March 27, 2017


What do you do when you're bleary-eyed and brain-dead from virtual housekeeping? What's your antidote to the mushy head feeling that happens from too much trashing and organizing computer files, researching e-commerce options, and redesigning a business card? Apparently my counter balance to too much screen time is cutting up shirts. Who knew?
The Hubs had half a dozen "white" shirts that didn't survive the iron-rich Ohio water. Nothing to be done to remove the dingy iron stains, we've been shifting the heap of shirts from one cluttered location in the apartment to another for about a week. Just what I needed during a computer break - a satisfyingly manageable cut-up and reuse project.
The buttons are squirreled away for future use and the disassembled shirt pieces are ready to be squared and hemmed for new life as napkins and rags. 

Did you notice I mentioned e-commerce up there? Yes, this odd bird is making noise about resurrecting the website. Don't hold your breath, but behind the scenes I am tinkering with a complete website revamp now that I have some idea how I want it to function. At this point I'm thinking a gallery and a shop will be the two main components, rounded out with pages for a bio and resources. Now all I have to do is find my HTML and CSS notes (and remember what the hell they mean)... and take pictures... and have large format slides scanned.... and settle on a shopping cart provider... and turn off the computer to... on this week's yoni. More shirt cutting. Yay!

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