March 31, 2017

Year of Yoni: Week 3

Yoni # 3 features reclaimed cotton (men's shirt) and reclaimed decorator fabric (expired sample) of blended rayon/polyester/cotton/nylon fibers sewn with cotton floss to a wool felt backing with whip stitch and button hole stitch.

In textile references I have found the diamond shape with a fringed, hooked, or crenelated border described as signifying the Great Goddess, woman, and vulva or alternatively described as a protective symbol to ward off the evil eye, ill-will, and catastrophe. The diamond shaped applique in the center of this piece is cut from a pattern called "Classicopia." Whether interpreted as a protective symbol or sacred vulva, the fabric name put me in mind of a cornucopia, a decorative motif of abundance.


  1. Laurie, I LOVE the work you're doing! I just got out from under the rock I've been under and read through over a dozen posts. Yes! I Odd-Bird-Studio-Bombed myself! It was great! And this piece - Yoni 3 - is especially beautiful! So cool to see it coming to fruition after hearing about what you were envisioning! Later gator, Annette

    1. Annette, welcome back to the surface! Sometimes the under-rock is a quiet, cozy, warm place. Sometimes it is cold and lonely. Sometimes the rock is heavy, enormous, unshiftable. But here you are, friend. You amaze and inspire me. Thank you for the yoni encouragement.