April 7, 2017

Year of Yoni: Week 4

Yoni # 4 features reclaimed cotton (damaged shirt) whip stitched with cotton floss to a wool felt backing. The central motif, inspired by sea urchins, is sewn with cotton floss using satin stitch.

Sea urchins symbolize the cosmic egg, featured in creation myths found across cultures. According to the online etymology dictionary, the word urchin, dated to c. 1300, comes from the old French word for hedgehog. The use sea urchin is dated to the 1590s. Apparently the term whore's eggs, an alternative name for sea urchins, is traced to 19th century Newfoundland. Once the bane of fishermen, sea urchins became a lucrative sushi delicacy fetching high prices, leading to dwindling populations.

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