April 14, 2017

Year of Yoni: Week 5

Yoni # 5 features reclaimed cotton (expired decorator sample) back stitched with cotton floss to a wool felt backing. The snakeskin is attached with cotton floss using French knots.

The snake, or serpent, is a prevalent pre-Christian and contemporary non-Christian motif. According to the book Signs and Symbols, the snake's "myriad symbolism embraces themes of duality, fertility, the primeval life force, and creation." Renewal, rebirth, and regeneration are suggested by the snake's ability to shed its skin. Associated with rivers and empowered as rain bringer, the snake ensures fertile fields and abundant food supplies. Much like the yoni itself - the pathway to life and the return pathway to death - the snake is a symbol of creation and simultaneously is associated with the underworld.

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