June 22, 2017

Bathtub Light Box

I know I've mentioned somewhere in here that I no longer have my diy light box and cheap-o clamp lights for taking product photos or for digitizing the yonis. I've been making do with uneven natural light from a single direction, bouncing the light (badly) with a big sheet of white foamcore, and a whole lot of time and frustration erasing shadows in Photoshop. Not ideal. Then again, we do not have space for a light box or lights in our current digs. (Links at the end of this post to tutorials for building your own light box.)

But, AHA! Another brain wave while showering (I've previously mentioned shower insights here). With a window in the bathroom, directly inside the tub surround, I have a decent source of natural light. The tub itself is white, the tub surround is tiled with white tiles and white grout, the shower curtain liner is white, and the bathroom walls are white-ish (I refer to them as nicotine). My tub is a perfect light box! With all the whiteness reflecting the light from the window, there are minimal shadows. Conditions are absolutely perfect for shooting yonis on overcast days.

I use a tripod, mount my camera facing directly downward, and prop the item to be photographed on a "table" consisting of 2 stacked yoga bricks with a couple sheets of white printer paper on top. (And a couple of towels under the yoga bricks in this shot since I tested my brain wave immediately after finishing my shower. Used to shoot Yoni # 14, there were no shadows to erase!)

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