June 13, 2017


You may have heard that it's always sunny in Philadelphia (those of you with a television or ability to watch questionable quality programming, that is). While not true on the whole, it certainly is relentlessly sunny today. And relentlessly hot. You may remember that I hate hot. I am enervated by heat. So what does this brilliant lady chose to do today? Four loads of laundry, of course. Up and down 3 flights of stairs and around one stifling courtyard to another. But, despite melting, it is really great to have the laundry room to myself, as the only one fool enough to run clothes dryers when it's already nearly 100 degrees.

And then, an afternoon correcting the mistakes made by the income tax accountant I hired. Granted, the mistakes were on the one tax form he had never worked with previously. But it's not rocket science, folks. He simply didn't follow the directions. And I paid him. That stings a bit. But only a bit because hiring him saved my sanity at the time. An afternoon filing an amended return and drafting a letter to the State of Ohio explaining why we don't owe them an exorbitant amount of money as they claim, but rather, they owe us money wasn't all that bad. Could be the icy cold beer I drank while wading through the garbled tax language and bizarre calculations has something to do with my good attitude. Then again, the beer my accountant drank while filing the original forms (judging by the empties in his office) could be what led to this point. 

That's what I've been up to, besides sweating profusely and overheating. And that's the reason for nothing much happening here in this space today. It's too hot to write intelligibly (yeah, it took me 6 tries to even spell intelligibly correctly) about working small and taking risks. It's too hot to think. On that note, no more babble from me.

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