June 15, 2017


Messages. As in messages from the Universe. Synchronicity. Convergences. Surfacings. Whatever name you put on it when everywhere you turn, the same message comes knocking on your door.

The message of small has been recurring for me for a few weeks now. Various ideas, suggestions, philosophies, and permissions to shift focus from the overwhelming big picture or overarching, final goals to the small, everyday, imperfect efforts. That large change starts, and snowballs, with one small intention. That small gestures have wide, rippling impact. Just in case I missed the point, the fabulous poem above crossed my path twice today. From two different sources. Within minutes of each other. And the same message, in a different form, was also waiting in my inbox, within a newsletter to which I newly subscribed.

Today I will listen and honor the message that is trying desperately, in all ways possible, to sink into my little pea-brain. I choose to turn off the "shoulds" and leave the to do list for another day. Or better yet, I will revise the to do list to contain one and only one focus. I will keep it small and give it undivided attention. And I grant myself permission to do anything I want. Because what's the point of abandoning the to do list if one merely shifts focus to another "should"?

The small thing that will bring me much joy today is to restring a bunch of pendants. I haven't worn them for years because the chains, strings, fastenings, etc. are worn out or no longer to my taste. I miss my pendants. I miss the person I was who chose them at various stages of my life as outward symbols of pieces of my identity and values. I can end that longing, that melancholy. I can revive the pendants. I can reconnect with the symbols and the personalites that chose them. I can make the pendants wearable again and wear them with joy. And I will overcome the nag in my head that says this is frivolous. Because I know it is not frivolous. It is a small - yet grand - gesture toward myself, my happiness, my joy that will ripple outwards.

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