July 13, 2017


A little light house, er, blog-keeping today. I'm going to try shifting written posts to Wednesday mornings and continue with the Year of Yoni pics over the weekend. I think this schedule will be sustainable for me.

Also to come in the foreseeable future, a new series of posts; Think Small. I've been trying to write a concise post about working on a small scale (yonis) and all the positive effects this has wrought, including creative and experimental freedom; but the words keep pouring forth, circling, backtracking, and spiraling out to embrace so much more than just making small pieces of art. It wants to be a series, so a series it shall be. Perhaps we'll kick off with why I choose to conceptualize it as Small rather than Simple, when Simplify is actually a more accurate moniker. (Ugh, I have such an aversion to the word "simplify.") If the inaugural post doesn't want to be an explanation of my aversion, trust that I will address it at some point. 

See you Saturday, lovelies.

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