July 11, 2017

Dye Experiment: Avocado

No, despite appearances, that is not a jar of urine (as the Hubs suggested). It's water, avocado skins, and cotton twine. Left on a sunny windowsill for several days, I was expecting (hoping for) pink twine. Maybe it turned pink? Ever so subtly as to be not pink at all in regular light, but the camera flash does highlight some change in color from the original on the cone.
I would have left it longer, but I was not keen on growing more mold or whatever was blooming into floaty white blobular fans.
Anyway, I am ready to try again with a new variable: scouring the twine before setting it in the dye bath. Working small like this - a little twine, thread, or fabric scrap in a small jar on the window sill - is liberating. I'm more willing to experiment because the commitment isn't overwhelming. I don't have huge amounts of fabric to wash and wrestle. My tiny kitchen isn't overrun with simmering dye pots (pots which I don't have nor have room to store). It takes hardly any active time to stick a bit of twine, some plant matter, and water in a jar. And it's FREE - everything used is found or off-cuts - absolutely no financial loss if it doesn't work. Why not play?

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