September 27, 2017

Think Small: Simplify?

Hello chickadees! I don't have a fully formed post to share today; haven't had the down time, quiet, reflective time, to ponder and write. For good reason, though. No complaints here. The Hubs and I took and extended weekend to visit with friends in North Carolina. Our first time back since moving away six years ago. It was wonderful. Truly lovely.

But what has been percolating lately in this little ole head of mine is the notion of simplicity and my aversion to the word itself and the imperative to "simplify." While this Think Small series is at essence about simplifying, I just can not embrace that word. I feel it's been co-opted by marketers to make women feel inadequate. Possibly men, too, but not being a man I can't speak to this. And, let's face it, women were identified as the primary consumers and have been the aim of marketing since the dawn of mass communication. So, yes, simplify as a marketing technique to first create feelings of inadequacy, of not measuring up, and second to sell products and services that seemingly promise to cleanse away those negative feelings does not sit well with me.

I had more swirling thoughts to get out of my head, but poof they're gone now. I'll surely revisit this in the future. Until then, I aim to share two yonis this weekend. Last week's is planned out, just need to stitch it. This week's? I have no idea. Yet.

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