October 11, 2017

Moving (Again)

Back in this post I mentioned days filled to over-brimming. The reason being we bought a house in Philadelphia! Oddly, almost exactly a year to the day of selling our house in Ohio. Which was not the plan. We intended to make a serious effort in late winter or early spring, with an eye to purchase / move by May. But. Everyone else has their own plans and "things" conspired to make this happen NOW. And we truly believe it worked out for the best. The way it was supposed to.

The house is perfect for us (crazily enough, it ticked off every single desire on our list and does not possess any of the deal breakers or undesirables we listed). There's not a straight line in the place - it's about 100 years old - but it is well maintained, full of light (finally!!!!), and full of potential to make it our own once our finances recover from the closing.

With the rest of October to complete our move - a whopping 2 blocks away from our apartment - our days will remain full. And tiring. And dusty (wow, I forgot how much grit comes in to roost through open windows in the city). But for good cause. Celebratory cause. And when I look around at the dishevelment and disarray caused by packing I will try to practice the Think Small tenets: narrow focus, gestures to start the job at hand, small repetitive efforts. And deep breaths.

In the meantime, posts may continue to be a little off-schedule and spotty in this space. Just know things are churning behind the scenes. And photos of the new place are sure to crop up here once we begin to make it our own.

The image at the top has nothing to do with this post. It's a crappy phone photo of a super cool Pandorus sphinx moth spotted in the pedestrian tunnel under the train tracks at our local station. Approaching it, I thought it was a leaf caught on the rough surface of the wall. But the camo pattern made me do a stage worthy double-take. Watching the moth was really quite magical.

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