July 12, 2018

Powerful, Poderosa

You've probably had enough of me banging on about how much I love O-Wool, everything from the yarns, the humane and ecological sourcing practices, the ecological dyeing practices to the low-impact packaging and reusable, recyclable shipping materials. And I may have mentioned just once or twice that O-Wool is located practically in my back yard. Well. I had such a treat today. Jocelyn, the woman that is everything O-Wool, graciously allowed me to come to her office/warehouse to pick out yarn in person.
Photo credit: © Jen Lucas
Image source: https://o-wool.com/collections/patterns-cowls-scarves-shawls/products/poderosa
It all started with the monthly O-Wool email in my inbox, headed by the gorgeous shawl Poderosa designed by Jen Lucas. My thinking runaway brain went something like this:
Oh wow! That's beautiful.
Oooh. Look at all those beautiful suggested colorways of O-Wash fingering.
What's it called? Ponderosa? No. It's Poderosa. What's poderosa?
is a Spanish feminine adjective meaning POWERFUL.
Really!?!?!?! I HAVE to make this. NOW. Have to.
It's light and airy lace. Surely that wouldn't be too hot to knit in the heat of summer.
Oh man, what colors do I want to use?
I wonder if O-Wool offers local pick-up to save on packaging and transportation?

So I asked. Not only did Jocelyn readily agree, she suggested I pick out my colors in person. It was great to meet her and ask how she got into the business and get a behind-the-scenes tour of O-Wool, a place that before now only existed for me in cyberspace. Thank you, Jocelyn!

P.S. The colors I chose are pictured at the top. Two skeins of Green Ash for the main color, and one skein each of Feldspar and Hemlock for the accent stripes.

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