April 17, 2012

Camera Consternation

OK. I finally found a way to make my camera take sharp images of flat items. This is a good thing, right? But this setting doesn't allow me to make any other adjustments. It automates the ISO, aperture, exposure, & white balance. I am spending way too much time adjusting the images in Photoshop. And look at the left side of the picture. Completely out of focus. (Click on the image for an enlargement - you'll see what I mean.) With a film camera, that's an indication that the camera is not parallel to the surface being photographed. Does that translate to digital? Good thing I have a massive amount of hair on my head, otherwise I'd soon be bald with all the hair pulling I'm doing.

UPDATE: Just to note that over on Facebook, Masha confirmed digital & film cameras share the characteristic of falling out of focus if not parallel to the picture plain. Thanks Masha!

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