July 7, 2012

A Little Here, A Little There

I've been working a little bit on a lot of things. Not the most efficient way of getting things done, but it's working just fine. The Pricing Primer is kicking my butt, though. Every time I think I have something pulled together to post here it turns into multiple pages of ramblings and asides. I am working at it diligently for as long as I can in any one given stretch. It grows and contracts and grows again. Eventually I will wrangle my thoughts into shape - and create a working pricing strategy in the process - and share it all here. Eventually.

When I need a break from sweating over the Pricing Primer I've been trying to tweak the trinket keeper, seen here and here. My jewelry guru product tester Roya tried version 1.1 with chunky, beaded pieces. With the trinket keeper all closed up, she says the jewelry fell out. Not good at all. I know there's tried and true designs out there for jewelry organizers and travel cases, like this roll up and this pouch. But I'm stuck on the idea of starting with a square and basing the design on an envelope. 
After folding the 1.1 template into a box/pouch pictured above (and rejecting the idea after consulting with Roya jewelry guru), I played with complete squares of paper. I stumbled on a design that folds up something like a star or a flower. 
Undoubtedly it's a standard origami thing, but it feels like there's no one better at reinventing the wheel than I. Today I played with book pages folded in the star design. You may have guessed it was only a matter of time before I would combine paper and sewing. This is what two stars made from the index of a Microsoft Windows 3.1 manual look like sewn together. I like it. I picture these as Christmas ornaments. Because I don't have a Christmas tree in the house during a July heat wave, the ornament hangs from my monster potted pothos and twirls in the draft from the ceiling fan.


  1. I'm excited to see what the next version of the trinket keeper looks like. Hmm... that sounds like a YA novel.

    1. Will Laurie find a solution to her quandary?

      Will Roya find fault with it?

      Keep up with your favorite crafty girls in the next version of the Trinket Keeper, available July 2012 from Odd Bird Publishing.