November 27, 2012

Change of View

The view out my kitchen window changed abruptly Sunday evening. This is what I used to gaze at while washing dishes; the giant, benevolent spider, first introduced to you here. Can you see him? How about now?
Do spiders have heads? Maybe that's its body, not its head. Regardless, my friendly woodland spider is gone. Was he destroyed or did he scurry away before the folks next door repaired their fencing?
Here's the current view from the kitchen window. Those cows are standing just about where the spider used to be. And even though the spider is gone, I'm thankful for the reinforced fencing. What might not be apparent in the fuzzy picture taken through the kitchen window, is the massive size of the sharp, pointy horns on some of the grazing cows next door.
Seriously, look at the size of those things. Did I mention sharp? And pointy? While I hanged towels on the line today, many of which were not exactly red but a bright, vibrant orange, I have to say I felt better knowing the fence was repaired. These beasts happen to seem placid and curious - they watched me as much as I watched them - but still. 

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