November 5, 2012

The Wayward Ludite

When I replaced my wonderful Honda Civic hatchback - with me for over 15 years - the spare key to my new vehicle was no where to be found at the dealership. The key cutting service they use only visits the dealership on Fridays. After 2 months, I finally trekked to auto dealer row to have a spare key cut. The Luddite moment came when it finally dawned on me, and made me laugh at myself, that the key didn't need to be cut, it needed to be programmed. Seriously? Is that really necessary? Why the heck do keys need to be electronic?

Luddite moment #2 occurred in the waiting roomThe single serve coffee maker was a more complicated piece of machinery than the giant, manual espresso makers I used during my barista days. (Am I the only one out here who finds manual machinery preferable to pushing a button to instigate a complicated process of unknown digital happenings?) Another person waiting for his vehicle to be serviced walked me through the coffee making process. What an incredible amount of non-recyclable waste those little pod things generate. More to the point, I loved what my coffee tutorial friend said, "Just like in the Jetson's." Yep, Jetson's style coffee, but no flying cars. And no Rosie to clean my house.

Sunday I hunkered into the couch, put on NPR, and worked on trying to figure out how to knit a star shape. This is what I got instead. I see many more in the future. I think a whole bunch of them would look wonderful on a Xmas tree. Perhaps some large enough to embroider holiday designs on their surface. I foresee a tutorial in the works.

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