January 28, 2013

Birthday Plans

There's a double whammy coming this Friday, friends. Odd Bird Studio turns ONE and I turn - wait for it - FORTY! 
I'm not sure which birthday excites me more, my own milestone or that of my little crafty business. I had intended to unveil a new, updated website design to mark the anniversary of Odd Bird's hatching, but, well, I have a fairly obsessive mind that allows me to focus on only one or two big tasks at a time. The website re-design has taken a back seat to marketing research, advertising plans, and sign design for Art Shop and the home buying process. 

In fact, I need to purchase home owners' insurance this week. Not that we're homeowners yet, but it has to be in place. Insurance, not what I think of when I think of birthday presents for myself. But the reason for needing said insurance makes up for it tremendously. I have at least a dozen books from the library on home renovation, kitchen design, and gardening. If the deal falls through and we don't get the house we've been working towards since mid-November, maybe the unknown future owners will hire me to redesign the place for them. I've got it all planned out in my head... 

More my speed than insurance is the painting I bought for myself by my talented friend Sarah Esposito of SEE Studio. Of none other subject than an odd bird, of course. Check out Sarah's paintings here. [Dang it, the link doesn't work! If you use facebook, sign in then go to this address https://www.facebook.com/pages/SEE-Studio/332861423431291?group_id=0 and look for the Original Artworks album] Send her a message to make one your own. 

And then there's the shawl for myself. (Hmm, I'm sounding a bit selfish, aren't I?) The shawl is off the needles and only requires the dratted ends woven in to be complete. It's just the right size to drape around my wide shoulders. The back point and front wing points hang just at my waist. I might put a button or buckle on the wings to keep it fastened around my shoulders. We'll see. And then because I couldn't stop knitting with the beautiful hand dyed wool/silk/bamboo Araucanía, I immediately cast on with it again, this time paired with Rowan's kidsilk haze in a lovely eggplant color, to make a headscarf for (none other than) myself. Talk about obsessive, I couldn't put the needles down until my eyes refused to stay open last night.

Other birthday fun I'm looking forward to is an extended weekend visit from my bestest friend Albert. Along with the Hubbers we have big plans for looking at art, making art, eating, cooking, coffee, beer, walks in the woods, cafes, books, and bar stools. Pure bliss.

What do you have in store for the week?

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