March 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Hello. Happy Spring Equinox to you. Does it feel like spring where you are? 

This first day of spring has inspired me to begin spring cleaning the ridiculous number of photo files on my hard drive. Before I could toss away the bad, the ugly, the unnecessary shots, much to my delight I came across these vignettes from my friend Albert's home. I love personal collections, arrangements, embellishments, oddities, and ephemera. They surprise, inspire, delight, excite, soothe, and comfort. Enjoy the house tour.
Joseph Cornell library
Mexican tiles, Delft tile
wild turkey feathers from Ohio with photo of winged figure on a bridge in Venice
handmade tile with lovely little jars
family wedding photo and wooden "A" stamp
collaged cigar box
giraffe toy on framed photo
trip to Spain collage
Buddha with plants and photo triptych

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