May 17, 2013

Share Fest

This past week we discovered a fantastic service here in our sleepy little college town. Graduation weekend equals the mass exodus of students. A local non-profit picks up any items the students do not wish to move with them and then has a huge, 4-day sale, called Share Fest, of the donated items. These white sheets on the line were $1.00 each and will one day (soon?) become lining for curtains. Look at all that fabric for only $3.00!

We also scored a Steelcase filing cabinet ($25), solid wood bookshelf (actual solid wood! $10), 2 solid wood display shelves ($3 ea), 3-ring binders, packs of lined paper & graph paper, tool caddy, large reusable shopping bag, a dishpan, and the sheets. All for well under $50. This is pretty exciting stuff around here.

Now, about those lined curtains in my future. The last time I made lined curtains I swore I would never attempt it again. Realizing full well that NEVER AGAIN actually meant not again until I forgot what a royal pain in the butt lined curtains are. I recall that they were a pain in the butt, but I can't seem to convincingly recapture the agony. So, apparently the time has come to undertake making them again. Yippee?

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