September 18, 2013

Loose Ends

There's those times when one is immersed in an all-absorbing project, happily working away with great focus, barely coming up for air and then there's those time like now. When a million little projects pull every-which-way.

The baseboard are installed in the studio, the nail holes filled, waiting for sanding and painting. Time to revisit the Young House Love post(s) about caulking trim. The paint for the studio bookcase is all but decided, a trip to Home Depot today or tomorrow for caulk and paint will clinch it.

Patching the gaping holes in the wall where we moved the washer & dryer hookups is progressing. Patching needs to be completed before the chair rail & baseboards are installed in the kitchen. In the meantime, I picked up some cotton napkins on clearance to begin replacing my disintegrating collection. Lo and behold (Mum, this is for you), the napkins match the kitchen paint perfectly! For someone who deliberately mis-matches most everything in life & decor, I was inordinately excited by these napkins.
The climbing, flowering vine (originally from this post) has been identified (thanks Rose!) as sweet autumn clematis. Seed heads, dried on the vine, can be collected for planting or it can be propagated by cuttings. I'm picturing an arbor (somewhere in the yard, someday...) covered in these dense, white flowers.
And now, it is time to try to score a table worthy of the divine, industrial Phyllis.

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