October 14, 2013

Autumn Garden

The entirety of our pepper harvest fit into a single colander. A few miniature bell peppers, some sweet banana peppers, and a bunch of hot cayennes and jalepenos. My one and only attempt at preserving food - a few years ago now - was pickling hot peppers. Time to dig up those instructions.
We cut up the pepper plants for the compost pile. The containers in which the peppers were growing have been seeded with native wildflowers, purple coneflowers three-lobed coneflowers. Sadly, I couldn't find / identify the dried out daisies or black-eyed susans to collect their seeds.
Also planted are our Egyptian walking onions.
Perhaps this Spring they will get transferred to an actual garden instead of continuing to live in containers. Or maybe not. We haven't yet decided where to locate the garden. The Hubbers has in mind to situate the garden near the garage to put it in close proximity to the water barrels (another future project). Obviously, this has its merits. I, however, am leaning towards locating the garden in the area of the yard that gets the most sun. Which would require shlepping water or purchasing many, many lengths of hose. We shall see. We just might create a sunny spot closer to our water source when we take down the trees that pose a danger. That would be an easy, happy compromise.

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