October 7, 2013

I'll Wash, You Dry

Our kitchen sink sits on top of the counters, with a 7/8 inch tall lip.
Precisely because this makes for a dish drying rack challenge - how to make the drip tray angle properly to drain into the sink rather than onto the counter top - I had imagined our kitchen with an undermount sink and hard surface, non-permeable counter tops. However, wood counter tops and a fantastically huge farmhouse sink are more our style and within our budget. So what to do?
image source: http://www.simplehuman.com/steel-frame-dishrack-fingerprint-proof-stainless-steel-grey-1
Purchase an $80 simplehuman dish rack that features elevated feet and a drain spout that may or may not clear the height of our sink lip (dimensions for the drain spout are nowhere to be found)?

Or use the drip tray and dish rack we already have and finagle a way to elevate the set up to drain into the sink?

Anyone wanna take a guess which route I chose?
Here's my $7 solution. The lämplig trivet by Ikea.
I actually went to Ikea to get one of these stainless steel trivets to live next to the stove so we don't burn the counter with hot pots. And having measured the height of the sink lip, it occurred to me to check the dimensions of the trivet for use next to the sink. Yep. The trivet is 1 inch high, 1/8 inch higher than the sink lip. And with its rubber feet that prevent it from slipping, it's the perfect base for the drip tray.
Simple (human) and frugal solution, indeed.

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