February 17, 2014

Mustache Muffler

Woo-hoo! The pattern for this bad boy is now available for purchase, right here.

The name mustache muffler refers to the scarf's textured zigzag stripes. I think they look like a parade of smiling mustaches. Didn't know a mustache could smile, did you?

This headless horseman pic is a bit better than my first attempt, don't you think? This is what the first ones looked like:
For those of you curious about my model, it came about like this. I looked at about a gazillion pictures of scarves in Etsy listings and google searches. The ones I found the most effective and appealing depicted the scarf draped as it would be when worn. There's an important distinction there I should make more clear. I don't much care for pictures of models, actual people, wearing scarves. I find the model distracts focus from the scarf. Rather, I found myself drawn to images of scarves displayed on  mannequins or dress forms.

With that idea in mind, I happened to look out upon the snow covered corn field across the way where a flock of birds were digging for spilled kernels. I wondered if we might benefit from a scare crow once we establish our garden. Then it hit me. I may not possess an awesome vintage dress form, but I could build a scarecrow to model the scarf.

What you're looking at in the first photo is a corduroy jacket whose chest is stuffed with a couple of throw pillows. I shoved some shopping bags in the upper arms to shape shoulders. It is sitting on a chair, prevented from toppling over by leaning on the chair's low back. Only the chair back wasn't quite low enough to stay out of the pictures, so the stuffed jacket is boosted up on yoga bricks. I photographed it outside in the snow to ensure a blank, white background. What's that saying? Necessity is the mother of invention? 

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