June 27, 2014

Birds & Berries

Looks like dessert, but it's breakfast. Toasted corn bread - cuz it's normal to fire up the oven to bake on the hottest, most humid day of the year, right? - with plain yogurt, strawberries, and fresh wild black raspberries from the backyard. Yum.

I love the simple, whimsical bird I made earlier this week following the pattern by Kajsa Wikman. I want to make more. And isn't it about time that Odd Bird Studio makes some odd birds? I'm working on translating my signature bird (on the tweet cards and soon to be part of my logo) into 3-D. After a wonky first attempt, the cream and gold birdie, I enlarged the overall cutout and added a small gusset. It still needs to be tweaked, but it's progress. 

What I think I want is a simple bird. Nothing fussy or complicated. What I am making gets more involved, fussy, and complicated with each "improvement." Perhaps it's a case of over-complicating in order to get to the simple and concise? That is the way I tend to write. Voluminous, rambling, overly descriptive. I have to purge everything out of my head, no matter how repetitive or higgledy-piggeldy it winds up on the page. Then it's time to cut and revise, cut and revise, and cut and revise some more. I'm curious to see if this little odd bird development mirrors this process.

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