July 16, 2014

Repurposed Purses

These three prototypes for the Repurposed Purse are are available at Art Shop for $28 each. That's 25% off the regular Re-Purse price. In the coming weeks, I will (make more &) post some in my Etsy shop. Those will be slightly different in construction and sell for $37 each.

Made from reclaimed upholstery and interior decorating fabrics diverted from the landfill, each purse is fully lined. The deep envelope flap covers the opening and easily flips out of the way to access the interior. Inside, the Repurposed Purse is approximately 5.75 inches wide by 7 inches tall. Petite-ly sized to perfectly hold a phone, small wallet, and keys. The strap is a little over 4 feet long, to be worn cross-body.
Turned inside-out, this is what the side seams of the prototypes look like. Eight layers of fabric. Too bulky for my taste. The final construction method I settled on avoids the bulk by overcasting the edges rather than turning them under and hemming them. With overcasting, the side seams contain half the fabric bulk (4 layers instead of 8) and lay flat. The resulting purse is smoother and neater in appearance. Like this:

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