September 8, 2014


Hello! What do you think of the new logo up there and the new color scheme? I may make a few more tweaks, but the orange and blue are here to stay. Orange is just such a happy color, to me anyway. I'm working on other improvements - behind the scenes - to streamline the clutter in the right margin, with the goal of making this space more user-friendly. These updates will debut after I change my mind about them a gazillion times, redesign them nearly as often, and then get sick of looking at them and thinking about them constantly. Otherwise known as editing content and design by trial and error. If you, dear reader, have any suggestions or requests, please do send them my way via the comments at the end of this post or email (By the way, if you are reading this via email updates, none of this will make sense. Visit the blog itself to see what I am blathering about.)
In other housekeeping news, I have plans for a major shop update this autumn. Just one new element is the 100% recycled thread, pictured above. You may remember I mentioned this thread last year. Well, I have now invested in quite a bit of it for making Odd Bird wares just a bit greener. Reclaimed fabric sewn with recycled thread? Check.

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