December 3, 2014


Inspired by my friend Xan at The Conscious Caterpillar and her methods for "Managing the Christmas Crazies" (a guest post over on, today I was preparing to share my little slice of sanity in the whirlwind that is the period from Thanksgiving through Christmas. It revolves around this table.

However, all of a sudden, blogger is doing something wacky to my photos. I assure you that the original photo, not to mention the tabletop itself, does not feature shriekingly intense blue placemats nor a weirdly magenta tinged linen tablecloth. My color darkroom printing days aren't so far behind me that I can just ignore this monstrosity and go with the flow. My calm equilibrium that the actual table engenders is all a-twangle and prickly now that this technical problem has arisen. 

So, until I get this sorted out, it may be quiet here in this space. I can't abide those jarring, inaccurate colors. 

P.S. In other blog-land housekeeping, for those of you who are no longer able to post comments, it may be that your browser settings are preventing it. In order to post comments here, you must accept 3rd party cookies. Beyond that, I'm not sure what to tell you. On a Mac, open your browser, click on the name of your browser up at the very left of the menu bar, select Preferences, and somewhere buried in there you may be able to change your settings. Firefox enables you to allow 3rd party cookies from specific websites only as you indicate under the Privacy tab. That's all I know on the subject. If you still have trouble, shoot me an email so I can try to get to the bottom of this.

I may have found the solution to the image problem. If not the solution, I have at least identified the problem. When uploading images to Blogger, Google saves them in a Picassa account (another Google product). Picassa is now tied to Google+ (yet another Google product). Default settings in Google+ "enhance" all uploaded photos. Despite not having a Google+ account, the image enhance default has been effecting all photos I upload to this here blog. I'm not happy about this, but it appears the only way to turn off the image enhance is to join Google+ and change the settings. I searched for custom coding to disable the enhancement feature to no avail. Against my wishes, I joined Google+ and have attempted to bypass the settings. Let's see, shall we?
Hallelujah! This is the same photo file as above! Now, about that serenity... where did I leave it, exactly?


  1. Alright, now this is perplexing and frustrating. I'm looking at this post on a Windows machine (as opposed to my Mac) and the images look identical to one another. Just a little assurance (not least of all to myself), these pictures look wildly different from one another on my own computer. The first one with the "enhancement" is positively lurid.

    1. Wait a minute. It appears I "fixed" the issue so thoroughly that the awful enhanced photo was replaced with the original. I have now replaced the first photo with the enhanced version, for illustrative purposes.

  2. Ha, too funny! When I first read this post earlier today I was studying those 2 photos and thinking to myself how incredible your eyes must be to pick up on such detail - since my eyes saw 2 exact images. I'm now relieved that I don't have to get new lenses! That first photo... woah! The second... ahhh a delightful setting - and I think I may have just acquired some napkins among the linen from my in-laws that are a near match for that table cloth! I must go check. I love that tray too. On the up side of all this wacky blog trouble-shooting... I can comment again! Yippy! And thank you for link love, Laurie :-)

    1. Oh, goodness! I wonder how long those two photos were identical. I'm so glad the difference is now apparent (and that I am perhaps off the hook for being absolutely nuts?).

      Great to have you back here in the comments, dratted 3rd party cookies.