April 18, 2014

Mixed Success

Yes! I figured out a design for a no-sew knitted pillow cover. There's a few aspects I need to tweak, but the basic structure works. It works! The edge of the opening for the pillow insert rolls too much, a strong selvedge there is necessary. And I think I should elongate the envelope flap on the back. Only after I finished the piece did I figure out how to properly translate the cable ribs to working in the round. So, a few tweaks and then a written pattern is in the works. I have learned more about the structure of knits and learned more techniques trying to develop my own pattern than I ever learned from following a pattern. It is quite gratifying.

Moving on from knitting success to sewing failure. I melted fabric with the iron. (Does the hangdog shame come through in that confession?) I suppose this is one of the pitfalls with using reclaimed fabric of unknown fiber content. Actually, I'm surprised it hasn't happened before now. I tried to salvage the piece, but setting the iron low enough not to melt the fibers was too low to smooth the creases in the fabric. And really, what good is it to make something out of fabric that can't be ironed? Although, now that I'm thinking about it, I suppose it would work for a door snake / draught blocker.

The intended use for the melted fabric was to line a denim storage bin. I'm trying to decide which construction method I like the looks of better, hidden seams as pictured above or exposed seams like this one. I'm leaning toward exposed seams because it is a slightly faster construction process and the resulting bin reverses (denim inside or outside) better. The neatly hidden seams are quite bulky and make the bin a bit wonky. What do you think?

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